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Full of Love

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ColorBlack with Red Roses

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💖✨ Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of love and passion with our captivating "Full of Love" gift box. This romantic treasure is the perfect expression of your deepest emotions, designed to make hearts flutter and love bloom.

🌹💌 Inside the heart-shaped section of this enchanting box, you'll discover a delightful surprise. 17-19 stunning decorative soap red roses, meticulously handcrafted to perfection, await your beloved's adoration. Each petal tells a story of everlasting love and affection, captivating their heart with every glance.

💝💬 But that's not all! As they pull out the hidden drawer, a sweet message of love will reveal itself, adding a personalized touch to this special gift. And nestled within the box, you'll find a small compartment filled with a breathtaking arrangement of Twenty-five premium Ferrero Rocher chocolates, the epitome of indulgence and decadence.

✨💕 "Full of Love" is the ultimate gesture that speaks volumes about your affection and devotion. Whether it's a passionate anniversary celebration, a heartfelt Valentine's Day surprise, or a grand gesture of love, this exquisite gift box is sure to ignite the spark and create cherished memories.

🌹🍫 Embrace the beauty of love with "Full of Love." Let your heart guide you to the extraordinary. Order now and ignite the flames of romance like never before! 💖🎁✨

    Package Dimensions:

    Length: 9 inches
    Width: 9 inches
    Height: 9 inches
    Weight: 4 pounds

    Product Care

    * Keep Away from Direct Sunlight
    * Store Properly
    * Gently Clean
    * Rotate Display (If On Display)

    * Avoid Water
    * Don't Bend or Fold
    * Stay Away from Extreme Temperatures
    * Avoid Harsh Chemicals
    * Don't Pull Petals

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