About Us


Have you ever needed to buy something for a special someone and just couldn’t figure out what? Did it happen that you wanted to surprise your loved ones but they just already had everything? 🤷‍♀🤷🏻‍♂
We are sure most of you are familiar with the same type of confusion around birthdays, holidays, and so on..questions like
“How will I manage to surprise her this time?” “Where can find something unique?” “How will I perpetuate our moments?”
Well..if you don’t feel like buying jeans, same old bouquet of flowers, a perfume she probably already has or tried before, or a ‘cute’ shirt.
We are here to help! We have put some thought into to it and came up with this brilliant most pempering and unique type of gift a special someone will just l o v e to have!
Gift4you was founded in 2017 by Mazi Bugan; an interior designer.
“Each year I would sit and think about how to surprise my partner with a unique gift that suits not only his character, but also our relationship and all that we cherish together.
I was looking for an exciting gift that I could create especially for him and that could not be duplicated or bought in any other store. This is how my idea came into life!
Out of innumerable thoughts I chose to share with you all something new, stylish yet personal, exciting and unique where anyone can use its imagination, creativity and personal magical touch".
Gift4you is an online shopping site where you will find a variety of gifts. From standard designs to the most personal and customized items.
“We place great emphasis on the design aspect, striving to make each item to the highest quality standards possible. We are making a gift that will not only surprise your loved ones with a non traditional gesture but also a gift that will cherish moments and stay around forever!"

We will be happy to assist you in the experience of designing your one of a kind gift. Our team of designers can advise and give their unique input and turn your gift into an unforgettable present that will remain around for years to come.

Our mission is to create the most upgraded gift box for any special person or event.

We growing every day and working hard to bring you the most designed gifts for Baby shower, Valentine's Day, Birth Days, anniversary, weddings, Father's/Mother's day and much more!

Each event and his unique gift.

No more boreding gift.

Each one that who get our gift box will feel that he has received a creative decorative gift.



Our flowers made from soap. They has smooth smell. They great for hand wash. Staying for two years and up.



Our high quality silk flowers looking like real roses. They staying for years


That is a great way to surprise, think decorative, being unique.


We keep costumers 100% satisfaction