8 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

Trying to find the perfect gift for someone can be hard. Then, adding the stress of the holidays can make it even harder. When looking for unique holiday gift ideas, it’s better to get a jump on things and prepare ahead of time. You can take advantage of time and stock up on gifts that anyone will appreciate, regardless of who you gift it to.

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas to Give this Christmas

From silk flower teddy bears to scented soaps and delicious chocolates, we have compiled a list for you to browse and discover the perfect gift for all your special someones. Whether it’s for your child’s teacher, pet sitter, hair stylist, or daycare provider— or even items that will delight an entire family. Especially your hard-to-buy-for bosses and picky friends will be covered with the unique holiday gift ideas we have below. You may even come across several unique holiday gifts that you’ll want to put on your own winter wish list!

For Your Nature Lovers


Succulents are a low-maintenance gift that puts a touch of greenery in any room! Perfect for any plant lover in your life! Succulent plants are small, easy to maintain, and can be found at any greenhouse, plant center, many grocery stores, or various floral departments. Prices range: $9.00-14.99.

Sprout Pencils

These are the gift that gives a more sustainable world! These are plantable Sprout pencils… as in, pencils that you can plant once you’re done using it, then watch it grow into herbs or flowers! Sprout pencils can also be customized to say whatever you want on them. It’s the perfect gift for your environmentally-minded friend or anyone with a green thumb! From $15; amazon.com.

For the Festive

Christmas Box

Give a unique gift of soap roses and chocolates for Christmas. 9 soap roses arranged inside an acrylic box with a drawer of 16 Ferrero Rocher chocolates. $89.99; gift-4-you.com.

Christmas Teddy Bear

Handmade silk roses Christmas Teddy Bear seated inside luxury box 16×11.5 inch. $109.99; gift-4-you.com.

Go Glam

Obsession 4 You

Give the gift of fashion with a wool studded hat with customized lettering. From $75.00; gift-4-you.com.

Bird + Stone Cleopatra Bracelet

Bird and Stone make gorgeous jewelry, but they also offer a unique gift that pays it forward by giving opportunities. Each piece has a different purpose: depending on which product you choose, Bird and Stone will donate to causes that support girls education, women’s health, women in politics, and more. From $35; birdandstone.com.

For the Tech Lover

Google Clips Hands-Free Camera

Capture special moments with friends and loved ones with this three-inch clip-on smart-camera that offers facial recognition based on your Google Photos library. Easy to use, small, and compact. $249; store.google.com.

Game Time

The Oregon Trail Card Game

The cult classic computer game is now a board game for all ages! Fans will love sharing it with a new generation of players in the form of a card game. The Oregon Trail Card Game can be found at Target and on Amazon. $13.00; target.com.