Unique Items to Use in a Gift Basket

Unique Items to Use in a Gift Basket

Gift baskets follow the idea of giving a few small things around the concept of something else, like birthdays, babies, holidays, and celebrations. Individual items in the gift basket themselves can be small, but it’s the presentation, effort, and thought that makes it so memorable. 

There are many gift basket companies where you can choose and put together the perfect gift basket for delivery, or you can just buy one pre-made. You can also make one yourself, and in that case, here are some ideas for unique items to use in a gift basket.

First Thing To Do: Select A Theme
When you have a theme, this helps you decide what items to put in your basket. Special occasions make the more obvious themes, and many gift basket or party stores have basket supplies around birthdays, weddings, holidays, and specific celebrations. Unique gift baskets can be personalized a bit more; base it on a hobby, favorite book, or a big dream of the individual, like traveling or becoming a movie star. 

Next: Find Fillers

Finding stuff to fill your basket doesn’t have to be large or expensive. Just add a few novelty items that expand on your theme. Throw in something unexpected or silly. And while it might have disappointed them to receive it individually, when that same item is surrounded by other surprises, the silliest things can be some of the most appreciated. Things like soaps, teddy bears, gift cards, chapsticks are all fun and easy fillers. 

Then: Add Edibles

A lot of gift basket companies offer gourmet and specialty items, but when creating your own basket, you can toss in some of your recipient’s favorites. You can use fine chocolates, bottles of champagne or wine, snack foods, favorite sodas, fruits, candy, or coffees and teas, too!

Don’t Forget the Basket

Who says a gift basket has to be an actual basket? Get creative with gift box containers and make them into towers, suitcases, or treasure chests. Some other unique ideas to use in a gift basket include:

  • Flowerpots
  • Metal or Plastic Pail
  • Wooden Wagon
  • Old, Small Suitcase
  • Bags or Purses
  • Crate or Decorative Box
  • Reusable Bowls or Containers

Last: Put It Together 

Once you have all of your gift basket components, place all of your gifts in your basket and wrap it up in clear cellophane. Many people like to add a big bow, ribbons, or balloons that can be tied to the outside, for an extra element of surprise.