6 Unique Spaces to Display Flowers

6 Unique Spaces to Display Flowers

Flowers are a simple and timeless way to bring life into your home– or any living space! They can completely make a statement in a room or add a charming detail to any area. Whether you have fresh or faux flowers, show their beauty for guests to enjoy or for your living space aesthetic. Here are six unique spaces you’d never thought of displaying your flowers in!

6 Ideas for Displaying Floral Arrangements

1. Outside front door

The first thing you see when you come home is your front door! Placing flowers outside the front door adds a delightful touch. Plus, you can have guests adore them when coming over. If your plants or flowers are real, you can water them on your way out or when you come home.

2. Kitchen

The kitchen is a common space where there’s a mix of various aromas– both delicious and foul. Placing some flowers on the window sill or in the center of the breakfast table can instantly brighten up the space while keeping a fresh scent in the air.

3. Hallway

You’d never expect flowers in a hallway, but when guests see them they’ll definitely appreciate its beauty. If your hallways are too narrow for any kind of furniture, consider putting them in the foyer or entrance of the house.

4. Bathroom

Flowers or even just plants in a bathroom can add some character and life to a bathroom. Choose different plant sizes according to the bathroom space and consider complimenting the bath’s lighting to certain plants that will look great in them. Try styling them in an elegant vase for a nice, modern touch.

5. Bedroom

What better way to start your morning with fresh, bright flowers greeting you? Display flowers on your nightstand, dresser, or vanity area to uplift your mood.

6. Office

Flowers or plants of any kind bring positive vibes to any space including an office! Consider displaying them out front in the reception area or simply near your desk. Not only will they fill the area with a beautiful aroma, but they can be great conversation starters.