8 Surprising Uses for Soap Around Your Home

Surprising Uses for Soap Around Your Home

There are many unusual and surprising uses for soap around your home. Soap is a versatile thing to have, even if you prefer liquid soap for personal hygiene purposes. We’ve listed several ways to use soap around your home, below. 

Creative Ways to Use Soap in Your Home

Stop the Squeaks
A bar of soap can help solve squeaky door hinges and also floorboards. All you need to do is rub a dry bar of soap on the edges of any squeaky areas. 

Plants Protector
For outdoor plants, hanging a bar of soap from shrubs and trees, or roughly grating some onto the ground around them helps repel deer. You can simply use a mesh bag or an old pair of pantyhose to put the soap in to hang from. To get rid of indoor aphids and other pests on plants, use a damp bar of soap to lightly rub the underside of your indoor plants.

Stain Remover
While there are specialty soaps out there that are intended for stain removal, you can use almost any kind of bar soap to treat oily and/or muddy stains. You’ll want to choose a bar that doesn’t include any added conditioners, which could harm the fabric.

DIY Liquid Soap
Did you know you could save some money by making your own liquid soap? Using a kitchen hand grater, simply shave four ounces of bar soap and carefully mix with four cups of boiling water. Stir the mixture until the soap is completely dissolved, then allow to cool completely and pour into your soap dispensers. 

Shoe Freshener
If you have smelly shoes or just want to keep them smelling fresh, try using a bar of soap. To do this, wrap a bar of soap in some kitchen paper, place inside the shoes and leave overnight. You can also cut your soap into small pieces and put inside mesh bags to make scented satchels for your other shoes, drawers, or car. 

Clothes Freshener
Do you ever pull your clothes out the drawer to find them smelling musty?  As mentioned above, you can keep clothes smelling fresh by placing a bar of soap wrapped in fabric and tied with string with them. Or, create a scent satchel and keep in your closets, too!

Mosquito Repellant
Bugs can be annoying, especially mosquitos, but bugs don’t like soap. If you happen to run out of mosquito repellant, try mixing up a solution of soapy water and spray onto your skin instead. It should help! 

Hide Holes
When moving in or out, many people use toothpaste to fill holes in walls if they don’t have a filler, but soap could be just the trick to filling those holes left by hung pictures and mirrors, too. Simply rub a bar of similarly-colored soap into the hole to fill it out!