How to Put Together the Perfect Easter Basket

How to Put Together the Perfect Easter Basket

The Easter celebrations are just around the corner and with that means, Easter baskets! Easter baskets is a fun way to put our loved ones in the spirit of spring no matter what age. Although it’s easier to buy pre-made easter baskets in store, why not get creative and make custom baskets yourself? Not only will your loved ones enjoy it more, but they’ll definitely appreciate your thought and artistic effort. Check out these five affordable ways to put together an easter basket just in time for Sunday!

5 Ideas for the Perfect Easter Basket

1. Think outside the “basket”

Sure a cute little woven basket is cute and traditional, but think outside the box with what you want to wrap all the goodies in. From cartoon-themed buckets, sand castle buckets, and adorable tote bags, there are so many ways you incorporate a fun “basket”. If you’d rather use traditional Easter baskets for egg hunting, decorate them with colorful tulle or custom initials.

2. Candies and chocolates

What’s an Easter basket without sweet treats? Fill up your Easter baskets with seasonal candies like chocolate bunnies, Robin Eggs, cotton candy and marshmallow Peeps. The best part of customizing your own Easter baskets is also adding your loved ones favorite candies to the mix!

3. Fun toys

Now that spring is in full swing, get your little ones excited when they first see their basket filled with toys! The options are endless, but if you can’t decide try going for toys they can play with under the sun! From beach/pool toys, puzzles, bubble kits, and sunglasses, the list can go on!

4. Eggs

If you have a lot more space than expected, make your Easter basket look a lot more full with colorful Easter eggs. Fill them up with additional candies or coins and place them in gaps. You can even recycle these eggs to use in the Easter egg hunt!

Adult easter basket ideas

Who said adults can’t have Easter baskets? Get your teens and adult friends involved in the Easter celebration with simple adult version baskets. From simple home essentials, bath bombs, and beauty products, you can’t go wrong with adult goodies for everyone in the family!