5 Mason Jar Gift Ideas

5 Mason Jar Gift Ideas

What makes mason jars esthetically pleasing is their versatility of uses. Not only are they reusable and environmentally friendly, but they can be used for hundreds of things. They are easy to customize for cheap, effortless gifts and they look great in any space. Though there are hundreds of ways to transform a basic mason jar, here are just five simple gift ideas anyone would appreciate receiving for any celebration or “just because.”

5 Simple Gift Ideas with Mason Jars

1. Fill with delicious treats

Clean out a mason jar and fill it with their favorite snacks! From candies to cookies, anything goes when it comes to this mason jar idea. You could even pack a brownie or cookie mix that they can easily make straight from the jar! Don’t forget to decorate according to the occasion!

2. Candles

There are so many ways you can do a DIY candle using a mason jar. Not only will the candle look cute in any space, but you can custom different scents and colors. This one is definitely fun to decorate with yarn, quotes, tags, and even more.

3. Holders/storage

Using different sized mason jars is the perfect holder or storage for all the little things! From pencil holders, kleenex dispenser, soap dispenser, utensils for family gatherings, and a holder for makeup brushes, the ideas are endless. Get creative with decorating with paint, glitter, colors, and textures for appealing house decor, too.

4. Plant vase

Everybody loves getting a bouquet of flowers, but it would mean so much more in a custom mason jar! Arrange their favorite flowers and fill up the vase with water (if they’re real). If you’re opting in for faux flowers, you can definitely amp up the jar with a charming detail like yarn, ribbon, or a special note. You can even use mason jars for succulents or for growing herbs.

5. Drink tumbler

Drinking out of mason jars is quite popular because it can hold a lot of liquid and looks awesome on the gram. Decorate the jar with their initials or a funny quote. Be sure you cut a hole at the center of the lid and a straw to match!