Love That Never Dies and Roses That Last Forever

Love That Never Dies and Roses That Last Forever

If you believe that love can never die, then good news for you! There are now roses that will say it for you! As we approach Valentine’s Day, many people depend on roses and bouquets of flowers to offer as a token of their affection and undying love. The problem is, roses do die. And while roses are still the popular choice amongst many, it becomes expensive and wasteful, just for a week of vibrant glory arranged in a beautiful vase.

How Gift4You Started

Bothered by this, in 2017, interior designer, Mazi Bugan, thought of unique ways to surprise her partner with a gift that suited his character and their relationship. That’s when she created a gift just for him that couldn’t be found in any other floral shop or online store. Mazi began and her team of designers revolutionized flower styling into new kinds of arrangements that offer true undying love through silk and soap roses, chocolates, and champagne, too!

Gift Ideas

One of the unique stylings can be enjoyed with her ‘Say it With Roses’ collection. This is the perfect way to express your love or gratitude with silk or soap roses. The elegant soap roses can be used as home decor, they can simply be put to use! You can toss them in your bubble bath for a romantic feel while you relax, or keep a few in a soap dish and pluck off a petal for hand-washing, bathing, or shaving.

Gift4You has several original designs that are styled in premium-sized white or black luxury cases. Custom-made orders can be made upon request with your own unique ideas. They have talented floral artists who style each arrangement with attention to every small detail, and who can incorporate many kinds of customizations.

Another unique option to show your undying love is to get your sweetheart a preserved rose in a luxury box. Again, why gift real roses that will bruise, wilt and die right away when you can surprise your loved one with a rose that will last up to two years? How is this possible? Well, unlike other floral companies that dry their roses improperly, the Gift4You floral boutique submerges each rose in an exclusive preservation substance that allows the flower to keep its authentic shape and color. As an ethical floral company, they sustainability harvest each rose by hand and believe that the process depends immensely on the bloom of each rose, which is carefully picked for the perfect arrangement suited just for you.

So if you’re looking for a way to express your affection and appreciation, Mazi and her team at Gift4You really can offer love that never dies and roses that last forever!