Last Minute Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations

Extra Spooky Halloween Decorations

Here are some Extra Spooky Halloween Decorations for your holiday enjoyment.

Create a space that will have your Halloween guests looking for an escape. Eyeballs, hairy-legged spiders and dripping, melty blood? “Oh my!” is right.

Wicked Welcome

Greet visitors in a ghoulish fashion. This group of dangling ghosts will send chills down guests’ spines and this eyeball wreath is sure to take them by surprise.

Dark + Moody Lighting

The glow of blood-dripping candlesticks will force guests to reevaluate their safety and your sanity. We love how they take a pretty, delicate spin on horror.

Shifty Shadows

Craft foreboding and spooky shadows for your window to ensure all passersby experience a true fright.

Mantel Madness

Make your mantel moody, morose and magnificent with dressings of the deadliest holiday of the year. We think this printable bloody “beware” banner serves as a particularly beautiful addition to the living room.

Deadly Details

Nothing spells “spooky” quite like the presence of (faux) human skulls. Stick them on the fireplace or dangle them from the chandelier. Whoever comes across them will be frozen with fear. Even crazier? Baby doll-head planters. It’s the stuff of nightmares, folks.

Creepy Crawlers

Make space for creepy, crawly spider decor and you can be sure that arachnophobia will be alive and well in your home. What better way to add fun to cocktail hour than to stick a gigantic, hairy spider on your bar cart?
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